$400,000 Yearly For 50 Years

Your Certificate of Live Birth (CoLB) is probably printed on bank note paper just like securities are. This security represents your birth inheritance, the wealth created by your ancestors. It is passed on to succeeding generations through the Global Estates. It is available to all countries. In the United States of America for example, the state and federal governments set up a constructive trust about 90 days after your birth into which this inheritance was placed acting as if they were guardians of these assets. As guardians, they were to release these to you when you became of age. They don't. Many have tried to gain access to their funds with little success. This company has devised a way for you to get some of the value of your assets. It makes no attempt to challenge or undo what the governments have done. Instead, it has arranged with an overseas bank which recognizes and accepts the worth and value of your CoLB to place it into a trading program called a Private Placement Program (PPP). This program generates funds by the process central banks use to create money. This will provide you with significant income. You can gain financial independence and freedom with no selling involved. • A trust will be set up for you. • It will have a debit card with a $1,000 daily limit. • Arrange for larger purchases through the bank. This program is available to all throughout the world. It is designed for the common man and woman who knows something is seriously wrong with this world. Learn how to obtain the resources to solve your problems. Then you will have time to learn in detail what is wrong and work in your community to help fix it and improve everybody's life.

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