Genetic Expirements

The inability to produce a human linkage, connecting humans to the ape and earth has failed, but is not as much published because of far reaching consequences. Reason; because the evolution as being claimed is a very slow process, the human form/being would need at least 100 million years to develop and due to the violent nature of planet earth impossible, can not be connected with the history of the earth. Currently the counter for humans stand at 6 million years. How about the last 40,000 years, humans appeared to undergo what we might call a transition to modern behavior. Having swept northwards, he expanded through most of the globe by 13,000 years ago. After another 1,000 years he discovered agriculture, 6,000 years later he formed great civilizations with advanced astronomical knowledge, and here we are after another 6,000 years probing the depths of the Solar System! How much would be know after continued development in 10 billion years time? We should be allowed to know who we are, where we did come from what is our purpose on earth, why all this cheating, putting misleading information in the public domain. When you look at language, the initial attempts had to be downgraded despite tremendous amount of effort and money spent. Chimps do nor did use language at all but only signs and responses in order to get rewards. The basic element for use of any language like symbols, sentences,productivity, cultural transmission are and were absent.It is clear that animals communicate,but have no language.We are the only one until now and feeling lonely. We are a troubled species, who simply does not know who he or she is, or what to do with himself, feeling different from other creatures, both superior and inferior at the same time. Other animals do not studie us as we do, inferior because we do not are very good animals either, often stupid,irrational,self destructive and solitair. Because of the fact that our flesh based bodies are not suited or suitable for/of interstellar travel with the exception of a few planets within our vicinity, all these weird and strange things that do happen to be related with clandestine or secret activities and include genetic manipulations and activities leading/attemps to the creation of other intelligent lifeforms on earth.( Garden of Eden) It is done on earth and no extraterrestrials involved here, only used to hide behind,a kind of smokescreen if you like. I am not saying that there no extraterrestrials but that is a different story.. They are probably trying to complete the Nazi dreams of creating a kind of superior race which should/will rule the earth and by now well advanced and a threat to the current population and even more so in the future. (The Dulce base being one of them but there are probably more, most in locations deep underground, antarctic and sea.) Ther new intelligent beings are technical (earth born) and some mostly hybrids being slowly released into society. There ability to effect and interfere without being noticed

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