Help Save The Planet & Earn Some $Green For Going Green!

Recyclix is a pioneering company that is unique in the world. Our key objective is to smartly fuse together the opportunities of the Internet and business in order to help the recycling industry develop as efficiently as possible. Recyclix implements and controls various investment projects in Europe and has its head office located in Warsaw. In the near future we are planning to broaden our influence in other countries too. We have been collaborating with leading international companies engaged in production and recycling of plastic for a long time. Our aim is to protect interests of all our project’s participants and run our business in a smart way. Every registered user by default becomes both a prosperous business affiliate and a real environmentalist. Recyclix uses only environmentally friendly technologies that don’t harm the ecosystem and help restore it. We combined ecology and business because we believe that our future is all about these two things! We earn and invite you to earn with us. Mutually rewarding collaboration is the ticket to success of every project and our service is not an exception. We make it possible for you to earn by providing you open access to sale and purchase of recyclable materials on the international market using our website. For a limited time we will even help you get started earning for Free!! Our company arranges and controls the recycling process, whilst you simply participate in purchasing the raw materials for their following processing and sale! It all works as simple as ABC: you purchase the waste, we recycle it for you, and then sell it. Recyclix takes waste that no one wanted and turns it into high-technology materials that can be used in many various industries. For example, we take used LDPE and turn it into granules that are afterwards used for production of common black trash bags as well as certain pipes and other plastic items. Our another aim, which is by no means unimportant, is to provide long-term and consistent income to every participant of our project irrespective of what kind of partnership scheme they opted for. Success of our business partners is all about production growth, expanding geographically, and high profitability. We want our partners to earn more because it’s profitable for us too. Recycling of plastics is the most profitable field in recycling industry: Consumption of plastics has grown by 20 times during last 50 years; 86% of European plastics is exported to China; Only 20% of all plastic in the world is recycled, the rest is still burned; Recycling industry profits in 2014 are measured at 372 bln EUR. Start Today!!

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