True Reflection Mirror - See How Others See You

We have all looked at ourselves in a mirror but what you see in a regular mirror is NOT what other people see. When you look at yourself in a regular mirror left and right is backwards not left/right reversal like a photograph. The true reflection mirror, like a photograph, shows you as you actually are, not just physically, but personally as well. Created with a seamless and perfect alignment of two optical mirrors the reflection mirror is unlike any other mirror in the world. For you lovely ladies think about how you have been looking at yourself backwards almost every day when you put on your makeup. When you look into the true reflection mirror you see yourself as a different person for the first time. One of the reasons why so many people do not like photographs or videos of themselves is because that is not the same person they see in the mirror every day. Try watching TV backwards in a mirror. We have been mind tricking ourselves our entire life!...I have lots of cool things. Check it all out at the web page below.
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