Choose To Be Grateful And Thankful

When you choose to be grateful and thankful for your blessings, you can improve your health, your relationships and satisfaction with your life. Turn the tables on disappointment. Turn it around and find something you can be grateful for. If the day is cold and snowy, be grateful that you have a warm place to stay. If you catch a cold, remember that you will get well in a few days! Every time you turn to gratitude, you help yourself! The Game of Gratitudes helps you turn everything around so that you feel happier and healthier. Be sure you thank those around you for their help, advice, love...whatever they do that makes you thankful. Speak out! Praise them for their efforts. When you play The Game of Gratitudes, you will see the world and your life differently. It's more than just counting your blessings. Check out all the great games on the website.
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