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I'm sure some of you have heard of Bitcon, and some of you have not.  Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (an internet currency) that has been around for several years.  Now, Bitcoins can be used to purchase items from some places online.  It is also being bought up by investors because it is expected to gain tremendously in value.  Today, Dec 14, 2017, it is worth over $17,000.   Just a week ago it was worth $11,000.  There are a limited number of Bitcoins to be distrubuted.  They are being given away for free to get them spread out among the population, worldwide.  There is still a chance for us to start gathering Bitcoin for ourselves.  All you need is a computer.  There is a program that you can download onto your computer.  It is absolutely safe.  I am using it on my computer right now.  This program runs when you are not using your computer and interferes with nothing.  When you download this program, you are given a portion of a bitcoin.  As the program continues to run,  your computer will build up more bitcoins.  There is another way to gain more bitcoins.  Every time you get someone to download the program on their computer, you get another portion of a bitcoin.  This is a way of distributing the Bitcoins among a lot of people and also to allow each of us to build up some bitcoins.  You can either save them as an investment, or when you reach a certain number of them you can sell for the current market value.  Or, you can use them to make purchases online. In the very near future, a lot of companies will be accepting them as payment for things you order. Download the program on your computer, and when you see your family and friends, give them the link and have them download the program.  Eventually, you will start building up real value.  Here is the link. It will take you to my website where I have a better explanation of the Bitcoin. Just follow the links and it will take you to Computta, the company distributing the Bitcoins. I hope you join me in collecting (mining) bitcoins.
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