Ptfe Micropore Gas, Dust Membrance

With professional PTFE Micropore Gas,Website-seal, Dust Membrance factory, Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co,Ltd is one of the leading China PTFE Tubing manufacturers and supplier [ Features ] PTFE micropore gas, dust membrance is made from ptfe dispersion resin, by process of extrution, calendering, sintering, and two-way stretch and finally composite with different base materials according to different requiremen It is anti corrosive, high and low temperature resistant (-150- +250°C), high fliter efficiency [ Applications ] It can be used in air purification, dust filtration It is suitable for filtration in different industries, such as air condition, electrical equipment, pharmacy, automobile, gas turbine, concrete, steel, and waste incineration [ Properties ] ITEM UNIT RESULT PORE SIZE um 0-5 APERTURE RATIO % ≥85 FILTRATION RATE H 11-14 TEMPERATURE °C -150- +250

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