It's Time To Wake Up

Are you fed up with the drama and circus of life? Do you feel that there's something more to all of this? Perhaps you feel something is missing or not right in this world? Do you have a sense that there's something that the religious leaders of the world of all faiths are not telling you or (which is more likely) they don't even know themselves? When you try to get answers to your deeper questions are you met with baffled looks or are told things like "these things are not for man to know", or "you shouldn't question the word of God or the holy scriptures". The truth is these things are usually said by people who really don't know themselves. They just regurgitate non-sense that has been regurgitated to them; Through systematic control and brainwashing mostly all religions of the world have effectively suppressed the divinity in man; And actually go against the bits of truth that is contained in all of their scriptures by encouraging man to worship things outside of himself instead of practicing the true "religion" of going within, although this knowledge was never intended to be, nor will it ever be a religion per se. Anyone who has done there research will know and need not go on my words alone. All great saints, prophets, and saviors have taught that the kingdom of God is within YOU…not outside of you. So why do they constantly bombard you with all manner of ceremonies and rituals that places your attention outside? Perhaps their goal is not to help you spiritually at all; or more likely they have no idea. Who God is, what God is where he is, or how to find him; it is written that God is the word and the word is God but do they know what that word is? More importantly can they give you that word? It goes by many names in many cultures. Shabda, Bani, Naam, Logos, Vardan, Eck, sound current, the audible life stream, and many others. That word that when properly received will release you from all suffering; is the source of all life and light; is God of ITSELF. Can they do that? I highly doubt it, just ask anyone of these so called spiritual leaders what the word is and 9 out of 10 times they will dance around the subject and/or give you some absurd answer. But almost certainly they will not be able to give it to you. And if a priest, pastor, minister, rabbi, or whatever the title may be claims that he can I’d run if I were you. Unless he or she is a true spiritual traveler or under the tutelage of one; do not be deceived he or she cannot give you the word. The true word can only be given by a living master under the authority of the true God itself. To most people reading this it would seem like complete and udder non-sense; as it should be to them for they do not possess the eyes to see or the ears to hear the truth. This is only intended for those truly rare and unique souls who have a sense of knowingness. Those seeking to return home to God here and now and not in some distant future or after they die like most of these paths preach; you know who you are. Only they would be still reading this far, all others will dismiss this immediately or out of curiosity read on only to criticize and further establish their own cherished beliefs opinions and dogmas which are rooted in lies and deceit. Mainly they are facts that are distorted, rearranged, cut, copy and pasted. This is not to bash anyone; anyone who has truly and deeply searched for truth and has researched all religions and all paths will know that I am not saying these things to disrespect or downgrade anybody or their particular path. All of these paths have their usefulness and do help people to a certain extent; but they are almost useless to someone who seeks deeper knowledge and spiritual liberation from this world. I am only telling the truth; if you are that unique soul and this message speaks to you and resonates with you on the inner I provide you with the key to the door of your own salvation. Do not take this for granted; for some this may be the only way they have to meet a living master; use this key wisely. My only purpose is to show you the door; you have to walk through it. Only the brave, bold, cunning and courageous will find God. Do not be afraid; be fearless; click on the link below and I wish you all the best with divine love to you as soul on this path to freedom. May the blessings be.
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