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Seaweed site for small entrepreneurs Our website can be used as a starting point for entrepreneurs and an introduction of commercial seaweeds and many of the application which are very diverse. Exploitation of the world's oceans is rapidly growing as evidenced by a booming patent market of marine products including seaweed, a resource that is easily accessible without sophisticated bioprospecting technology and that has a high level of domestication globally. The investment in research effort on seaweed aquaculture has recently been identified to be the main force for the development of a biotechnology market of seaweed-derived products and is a more important driver than the capacity of seaweed production. A brief overview of the applications is what most starting people would want. Many of others and us have and did observe the vast quantities of seaweed on coast and within the seas. The questions like what can I do with it, is there a market nearby, properties, processing. Written with a minimum of technical language and designed as guide to applications only. Way in which you can profit by utilizing this natural and renewable resource. Different species can be used for the same application and will depend on your locality, tropical, semi tropical or cold regions. Macroalgae are an interesting source for a myriad of different bioactive polysaccharides ranging from industrial applications to novel food applications. They possess many different interesting and often-exotic polysaccharides that are currently explored for their functional properties in food and biomedicine. Seaweed production, algae and extraction Harvesting or aquaculture of marine algae or seaweeds.

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