Hitting The Ball Harder With More Frequency

How do you increase batting average, reduce strikeouts and mis-hits, while also barreling the ball more consistently? I hate to break this to you, but the hitting "philosophy" you're using right now won't get you there. In fact, I’ll bet you’re getting more ground-balls than ever before. AND at best…low level line drives. The good news is, it’s not your fault. You’ve been gobbling up hitting information on YouTube, Google, and probably have a specific go-to-guru telling you this AND that about hitting “philosophy” and “theory”. The problem is, these source’s claims ARE NOT backed with proven human movement science. AND, to make matters worse, they aren’t looking in the right places – mechanically - to improve batted ball distance. AND YOU’RE PROTECTED BY MY 100% BACK GUARANTEE http://tinyurl.com/lx9y7pg
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