Choosing Peace - Watch Video No 11, Find The Answers Within

Prem Rawat has been teaching about inner peace for over 40 years. His message is more than words, because he teaches a practical way to access the experience of peace and fulfilment within. World peace, he says, begins with individual peace. He was awarded the title of Ambassador of Peace by the University of Peace in 2009, and he speaks at around 80 events every year. I hope that you enjoy this adverts YouTube video. You can also watch Prem Rawats worldwide public events on the Words of Peace Global website: You can find out about the Keys on the Words of Peace Global website, under the Media center menu. Select Learning resources, and then The Path to Knowledge. The Keys are a series of videos designed to help someone prepare for the four practical techniques, also known as Self Knowledge. These techniques are taught free of charge, without regard to religion or belief system. The Prem Rawat Foundation website has information about its humanitarian projects, including the very successful Peace Education Program, which operates in prisons around the world. Personally, I have been enjoying peace within since 1983. That is why I make an effort to promote this wonderful possibility. I have placed all my favourite YouTube videos on my YouTube Channel. Here is the address of my Channel: Type or copy this address into a Word document and make it an active link. Or, copy it into Google Search. It would be great to hear from you. I will reply to your questions and comments. Good luck, Billy

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