Attention Past And Present Homeowners!!!

The Dream -- Own Your Own Home and Live Debt Free. We have been sold that dream, especially in America. Of course you should have a home but not by using the ways we have been told and sold to do by using abusive mortgages (the root meaning of mortgage is death grip). Misusing our financial system, millions have lost their homes. You never receive a penny for the equity you have earned as a right. Example, if you paid your mortgage for 17 years and stopped paying for 7 months, they threaten you with foreclosure and eviction when any 10-year old can do the math and conclude that your 17 years of equity amounts to MORE than your 7 months of forced delinquency. The trick they use is by advising you to do a loan modification. Talk about your equity is quickly subsumed! It is Not All Your Fault Yes, technically, you share the blame for this because in your eagerness to have you own home, you signed all the agreements involved without reading, investigating and questioning what was in them. While the banks and their courts accuse you of being deadbeats trying to cheat the banks out of what you contracted, the banks have pulled a massive fraud on you, cheating you of the home you deserve. No judge is willing to listen to you about this fraud because ALL of them have a vested interest. So you are beginning to Suspect Something Is Wrong What is amazing is how much there is wrong and how little there was that was right. You were presented all the papers at closing and given no opportunity to read or question them. The bank never disclosed to you what it was doing. The bank lent you nothing. Federal prohibits it from doing so. It didn't sign any of the paperwork. It had no skin in the game. As the bank admitted in the 1968 Credit River case, you funded the loan, not the bank. The promissory note (PN) you signed paid for the home. But the bank claimed it means you owe them (but they didn't sign anything). In spite of having the note, the bank got the money for the home from your Social Security account. Then the bank created bonds of 10 times the value of the loan against the note. The profit from that would have paid off the home (which was already paid for twice). Then they took your note and bundled it with other notes and placed them in Private Placement Programs (PPPs). This profited them hundreds maybe thousands times the value of the note, which profits should be yours. This separated the note from the mortgage, thus invalidating the mortgage. Then they took the Certificate of Conveyance of the home which functions as a title like the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin function as a title for a car and should have been given to you, bundled it with other Certificates, placed them in PPPs, profiting hundreds maybe thousands times the value of the home. Other illegal forms of securitization were made. To cap it of, the title your the house is turned over to the state just like your car titles are. It's not yours any more. But Never Fear, There is Remedy. Not all is lost. By perpetrating all this fraud against you, the government through Wall Street created a constructive trust which made them the Trustees with the sole duty to return all stolen property back to you. By starting a class-action law suit it will get much more attention. The suit will be held in a tribal court of equity where justice and morality prevail, not in a county, state or federal court where the courts collude with the banks and the judges' retirement is based on readily available money derived from mortgage-backed securities and hedge funds -- a clear conflict of interest. Tribal Court Can Help You Get Justice and Remedy Our tribal courts will determine the extent of the fraud that has been perpetrated under the rule of law. Trials are held with dispatch and do not drag on forever and ever. When a case is won, the money judgments are awarded. These are recognized nationally under Title 18 United States Code ยง 1738 (full faith and credit entitlement to tribal court judgments); and internationally under the Foreign Money Judgment Recognition Act (in case the plaintiffs intend to factor it or sell the judgment for 60 cents on the dollar or better). Collecting on or monetizing these judgments reimburse you for the damage caused. This program applies to those who have lost their homes and also to those who have been able to keep up with the payments. You still have been defrauded although the consequences for you were not as drastic as it was for those who lost their homes.

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