Easy Magic

Learn Easy Magic: Bryan Dean’s Amazing Tricks: Easy to do magic from a professional magician! First of all, the Learn Easy Magic collection, from Bryan Dean, is the BEST way to learn some truly AMAZING magic tricks! Magic has captivated the imagination of almost everyone to witness it for thousands of years. To do the seemingly impossible right before your eyes builds a fascination and excitement that only Magic can achieve. It challenges everything you have ever learnt in your life about physics and the practical world. Additionally, the more impossible the trick, the greater the confusion. Also, this underlines the impact and awe you leave your crowd as they wonder how your act was possible. How did you do it? The audience’s brains go in overdrive examining all possibilities of how the feat was performed. As, whist the magician stands calming and without being a mind reader you know every single audience members thoughts, “how did you do it, tell me”. As we all know a magician never reveals his secrets…. Until now.

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