Making A World Of Original Stained Glass Ideas With Old Windows To Enjoy And To Sell!

Stained glass craftspeople looking for authentic Victorian- and Edwardian-era designs will find them in this rich collection by period stained glass expert Hywel G. Harris. Prompted by a desire to preserve authentic specimens of domestic stained glass designs — rapidly disappearing in postwar England because of destruction, adulteration, and neglect — the author photographed a multitude of windows, transoms, sidelights, and other stained glass elements in houses constructed between 1890 and 1920. The designs in this practical compendium have been directly rendered from those photographs and presented in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Also can be used to display an original arranegment in your yard and gardens,an old window as a piece of furniture such as a table, decorate the window to mount a mirrow behind or add jewelery around the frame, Your window could look like a piece of art owned by "The Royals" in Europe. A beautiful touch would be to carve in the wooden frame; so as you can see there is more to do with your creation than just for hanging.

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