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Our skin protects us, but do we do our very best to protect it? Well for those of us who could treat our skin a bit better, natural and organic skin care products is what we should start with. Natural Products = Nutrients Could your skin use a daily dose of vitamins? Your skin care products can give them to you…but they have to be truly natural. No one needs formaldehyde in their skin care products wouldn’t you agree? If your natural & organic products are made using natural ingredients, nutrients naturally end up in the final product. Buying Natural and Organic Makes You Green! I know you’ll love this! You are supporting organic farmers when you buy natural and organic products. And the equal bonus is that you’re protecting your health and you may relieve little facial flaws…naturally. Try The Green Life’s “Alba Botanica Quick Fix” for Under Eye Circles. Organic farmers stay away from pesticides and weird fertilizers that harm the atmosphere. You are going green and helping yourself at the same time without even trying! Got Allergies?? We don’t have to suffer to look our best. The pesticides and preservatives you find in products from international beauty retailers may be the cause of many of your annual sniffle fests and unknown breakouts. Manufacturers are able to use ingredients without even informing us. They are not as regulated as they should be. Better safe than sorry right? You can avoid all those mystery ingredients by using natural products like The Green Life’s “Natural Even Advanced Sea Kelp Facial Toner.” Clothing & Accessories Beautifully curated and hand-selected clothing pieces that are cruelty-free, high-quality, vegan and trendy. Clothing for babies to adults. Eco-friendly, trendy and vegan styles of clothing, shoes and jewelry. “Green” household cleansers and Pet supplies. You can’t afford to NOT shop here. Go green and support organic farmers while improving the quality of health in your home. Here are all of the categories of amazingly priced natural & organic products you will find at The Green Life: Baby & Children Bath & Body Botanicals & Herbs Candles & Incense Clothing & Accessories Cosmetics Facial Care Food & Beverage Hair Care Health Supplements Homeopathic Household Kits & Gifts Personal Care Pet Care & Supplies Sports & Fitness Tea Vitamins & Minerals Shop “The Green Life” here: Check out more of Sha's Comforts & Luxuries here: Want the BEST deals online? Follow us: Facebook: Twitter:
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