End Days Spiritual Survival Are You Really Ready?

Spirituality - Alternative Beliefs are only words to explain areas that are waiting for us to explore and learn. Just because we didn't learn it from growing up, our environment, or even our schooling; doesn't mean it is not out there. The Internet has provided the Information Super Highway ... get on, learn... and explore. Share and find ways to improve and grow yourself into the best you possible. End Days Spiritual Survival in the Last Days is What can we expect now that we are in the midst of the last days? What events are prophesied to occur? And how can we prepare ourselves – both physically and spiritually – to survive this tumultuous, exciting time? In Spiritual Survival in the Last Days, authors Blaine and Brenton Yorgasonexplore statements made by modern prophets concerning the last days. They examine what judgments, disasters, and chastisements we can expect. They then explore how to survive these things by standing in holy places – developing our personal testimonies, repenting, attending the temple, seeking personal revelation, and spiritually unifying our families. They emphasize the importance of following the Lord’s living prophets in such matters as food storage, getting out of the storm & gangs of danger. Sequentially, the authors examine just what we can expect in terms of judgments, disasters, and chastisements in these last days. From there, explain how to survive these things by standing in holy places.They discuss such topics as personal testimony, repentance, temple attendance, personal revelation, rearing spiritually unified families, joining the family of Christ, and walking the path to exaltation. They also discuss the importance of following the Lord’s living prophets in such matters as food storage, getting out of debt, keeping the Word of Wisdom, and staying sexually pure. spiritual survival last days found it interesting that The brothers explain, “We pondered the calamities occurring in the world around us, and we determined to understand better, through the scriptures and through the words of our latter-day prophets, why such traumatic experiences were happening, what additional calamities we could expect in the near future, and what we could do to alleviate the effects of these disasters upon us as individuals. The last days! What a combination of fear, excitement, and anticipation these simple words evoke, for surely we live in that time. spiritual survival last days; The Savior declared that before his second coming, “nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes.” (Matthew 24:7—8.) But he also counseled, “Stand ye in holy places, and be not moved, until the day of the Lord come.”
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