Baby Boomer Alert: Boomer's Bests

To all you BABY BOOMERS & FRIENDS, I will be sending you my Best Statements for your enjoyment along with the Top Three products and/or services selected by the BABY BOOMERS & FRIENDS Family. I hope you enjoy. If you are not a member of BABY BOOMERS & FRIENDS, you can go to the website listed and register. Now for BOOMER's BESTS: I had a young man yell in my face shouting, "Why you old FART, you and all the other old FARTS like you should not be allowed to use social media. It should be for Millennials Only. To which I replied to him, "I have two words to say to you young man...And they are not 'Let's Dance'...OF course that was after I knock him down with my cane...GOD IS GOOD! Regards...BOOMER BB & Friends' TOP 3 PRODUCTS and/or SERVICES: 1. Direct Cellars Wine of the Month Club - By far the best wine club for your bucks. 2. J5 Tactical Flashlight - A superb flashlight...and it's for FREE! 3. Rory Ricard's Link Post Blogging Program - This has the best and easiest to understand Link Post Blogging Training Videos I have ever come across. In addition, they provide you a mentor who works with you non-stop and guides you through all the difficult mazes of Link Post Blogging. Finally, it is a very cost effective training that is well below most other LPB programs Well that's it for this week. I hope you enjoyed Boomer's Best and our Top Three Products. Don't forget to register as a member of BB & Friends and become a part of our happy family! REGARDS...BOOMER

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