Baby Boomer Alert: To Life And Fine Wines

To Life and Fine Wines From 'DIRECT CELLARS'   I'd like to propose a TOAST to all the FINE WINES lovers and their family! FINE WINES ARE WAITING FOR YOU!  Well Gang, It's October, and right around the corner are the holidays.  This is the time that we all start thinking about what gifts we'll buy, and what food and drink we'll serve.  I believe I have the answer to both those decisions! Direct Cellars 'Wine of the Month' Club is without a doubt the best gift you can give to anyone!   Let me show you the tremendous benefits you will gain from this AMAZING PRODUCT:  1. Fine Wines Costing Per Bottle $20 - $25 instead of $60 - $100+ 2. Wine shipped directly to you month after month 3. A wide variety of exclusive fine white and red wines to select from 4. An explanation of how to select wine with meals 5. A tremendous support system 6. The chance to get your wine free when you get 3 people to sign-up 7. An opportunity to become an affiliate and make a lot of money Direct Cellars: 'Fine Wine of the Month' Club is SPECIAL! What is really special about Direct Cellars 'Wine of the Month' Club is the QUALITY of the wine you receive and the COST you pay. The wines associated with Direct Cellars are considered the best wines in the world. We get these wines in extremely large quantities at wholesale prices. So we pass those bargains to you. That is what this message is all about. I have been promoting this great offer for Baby Boomers & Friends for a while now. If you are a wine drinker and love Exclusive Fine Wines, then I suggest you become a member of this amazing 'Wine of the Month Club'!  Start Your Shopping Now...For Yourself...For Others YOU WILL LOVE THE Wine of the Month Club. USE THE URL SITE BELOW ( TO GET STARTED   TO NEW BABY BOOMERS & FRIENDS If you are just visiting our site for the first time...WELCOME! WELCOME! Boomer is my name, and I maintain the BB & Friends' web page. I bring you FUN FACTS, BB HISTORY, as well as keeping you up-to-date on SPECIAL BB PRODUCTS and SERVICES. I hope you will become a member an join our every growing world of entertainment and BB information. If you are interested go to (! Best Regards... BOOMER

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