$5 E-Book Will Change Your Mind And Your Life - Guaranteed!

Book Title: "Learn to Hear the Voice of God". Did you know that you have THREE minds? Read on! You have your own mind, your conscience, and your evil carnal mind. Good news is that you can destroy the influence of the carnal mind if you follow the steps laid out in this book. You do not have to know the Bible to study this book. Anyone interested in Self-Help, Self-Improvement, personal development, Spirituality, New Age, Religion or just interested in knowing God better, will be helped by this book. The manual is a concise guide to learning to make certain contact with our Father God. This book will bless you tremendously and you will go back to reading it over and over to get more deep insights. There are no wasted words. Packed rich with revelations and profound understandings. The impact of this book on your life is priceless and certainly worth much more than $5! Available also in Amazon.com Kindle or in paperback format. However you can download a 110 page .PDF file with Large Fonts directly from my website after payment. Click for more details and to purchase. http://4y03.com/learn-to-hear-the-voice-of-god/
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