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I'm looking for collaborator for bulk email sending 1. I have a website built for the sale of bitcoins. In this website there are all the necessary data for customers so that they to be interested in buying bitcoins. 2. I'm looking for the person which has an advanced bulk email sender able to send a message to many email addresses, and this message to arrive ONLY in Inbox of recipients, NOT in spam folder. I have the possibility to check if the message which you sent reached the Inbox of recipients (or the spam folder). If the message arrived in the SPAM folder - I will not pay! 3. Our collaboration will be long: at least one year. 4. I will pay $ 1000 for sending a message to 1 million email addresses (recipients) and proportionally for other amounts of email addresses (for example, for sending a message to 500,000 email addresses I will pay $ 500 etc.). I will pay: through PAYPAL, or bank transfer. 5. I prefer collaborators from USA, Canada, Australia, or Western Europe, or Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates. Those interested can contact me at: robert[dot]frogost[at]yahoo[dot]com Robert Frogost, 774 Virginia Ave Ne, Atlanta, GA 30306
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Year: 2000
Price: 5000
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