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Live TV Channels, all TV Channels, HD TV, thousands of Movies, Internet TV How much are you paying for cable or satellite service each month? Are you satisfied with your current cable company? What you get with TV Vizion: 500 Channels Quality HD. Thousands of movies, up to 7 days of DVR, User friendly interface that can be used in a way that you are familiar with. Activated on three devices for one monthly payment. No Contracts, No Cancellation fee, No credit check … get channels in Spanish and Filipino as well. Literally thousands of excellent movies including all the 2017 movies. Every Sports Channel including PPV, and Live TV Channels and no extra cost. TV VIZION can be used along with other TV packages even though you won’t need them. SPORTS CHANNELS: Fox Sports –all of them! BT Sports –all of them! ESPN –all of them! 5 Different MLB Channels 12 Different NHL Channels 12 NFL Channels 12 NBA Channels College Sports –pack12, BTN etc. UK Sports Channels Motor Sports –No extra cost Spanish channels Soccer Channels – whatever you are into you are going to get on TVIZION. Golf TV Tennis UFC , C network, NBC, CBN , FS1,FS2 If there’s a game on it’s here! Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Pay Per View? It’s all included with no extra cost! The Best Sports Package that blows away any cable provider. 500 plus live streaming channels. News, Family, Children, HD TV, DIY, Cooking, HBO’s, Showtime, Cinemax, Epic, History Channel, Learning Channel, UK Channels, Filipino Channels, 16000+ on demand shows –new releases, days or weeks old. Watch IT on your phone or laptop, or TV. You can watch TV from anywhere in the world where an internet connection exists. Free Trial Available, No credit card required. Hardware Includes: Firestick or Media Player Power Chord and Adaptor HDMI Extension Chord Bluetooth Remote Control (You don’t have to be in the room) It work’s perfect with Alexa as well. Connection: Connect Firestick or Media Player to power cord and to TV’s HDMI port. Plug in the Firestick or Media Player Turn TV on using the TV Remote If you only have the Firestick or Media Player hooked up to your TV then you are going see that on the TV screen. However… if you have other devices hooked up to you TV, simply choose the input. You will receive a message telling you there are not network connections. Simply use the Firestick Remote by clicking on the center button to select settings. Select your WIFI network and enter the password and select the connect button. Press the home button on your Firestick remote to go to the home page. There are a couple of settings that you’ll need to take advantage of: Navigate to settings; go to device, developer options, Apps from unknown sources –select on. For Smartphones, Tablets and PC, just download you will be directed to an App Download along with Authentication Codes for the three devices of your choice, after paying for your subscription TVizion Offers You An Alternative To Current High Cost Cable And Provides You Worldwide connectivity to the following: Tvizion 500+ Channels Include HDTV Thousands Of On-Demand Movies for Entire Family Plug N Play Technology HD Live TV, Unlimited All Sports Channels Premium Channels Pay As You Go – Month to Month Service No Long-Term Commitments No Activation Fees Includes Spanish & Filipino Channels Professional Support No Credit Check! Everyone Qualifies… Cable companies consistently raise their rates, and rates have gone up more than 30% since 2006. While cable company prices are going up, incomes have been declining. Predictions show that tens of millions of Americans may soon find themselves unable, or unwilling to pay the high costs of cable television. Check out what the Consumer Report is saying about cable bills going up in 2017 Because of these facts, many Americans will either choose basic entertainment services, or opt for none at all rather than going into debt for such luxuries. These facts have given rise to a whole new breed of opportunity. Tvizion was created to enable ALL families, regardless of income to afford high quality, HD cable TV services with no long-term commitment, no activation fees, and no credit check. You may watch your Tvizion service on up to 3 devices per household… Free Trial is Available!, no credit card required. Live TV Channels from any device using our Global Media Connect Servers to connect to your TV. As such… stream directly from our servers via a Media Player, Firestick, or App. Connect through most types of Media Players, or Android Smart Phones, Tablets and Computers.

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