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Do not be fooled by those who claim you can make x amount of bitcoin in a matter of minutes. It just doesn't happen. However there are ways to gain free forms of Bitcoin. They may be small but over time with a combination of claiming other forms they add up. Take Litoshi for instance. I am currently claiming over 75000 Litoshi a day. This I do by claiming it every day gaining up to 100% daily loyalty bonus. Plus there is a referral bonuses up to 100% if you get that many people to claim off your referral link. Not only that you get 25% commission from every claim that your referrals make. First you need to sign up for the place where your litoshi claims will be sent to. It's called coin pot. The link is You sign up with a valid email address and once confirmed use the link below to tart making free Litoshi faucet claims. Here is the cool thing evry claim you make for Litoshi you not only get the daily loyalty reward you also get a mystery bonus of up to 100% ech claim you make. And that isn't all. You get three coin pot tokens for every Litoshi claim you make. And these tokens can b e converted into forms of BTC. Try it today!
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