Stop Wasting Time Investing In Or Mining Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin? Is there such a thing as that? Of course there is. And a lot of it! People I have tried the invest in Bitcoin Bit plus the mining one too as to say. Let me tell you something. It can be costly! Y take chances with investing in Bitcoin when you can claim it absolutely free. Yeah you probably saw it before and it doesn't seem to add up to much. That's why I am not going to post a referral link at the bottom of this page. Instead I am going to give you a link that will show you the seven bitcoin faucets I use everyday to make unlimited claims on free bitcoin. From the lowest one being Satoshi with the capability to claim every three minutes. The next at 15 minutes. And then 5 more faucets that can be claimed from every five minutes. Here's where it gets good. All seven faucets are linked to one Coinpot. And each claim you make from the seven faucets you get 3 Coinpot tokens. These can be converted into any form of Bitcoin. And the others can be converted as well. Oh wait there's more. Five of these faucets give you a daily loyalty claim bonus up to 100% Of course there is a mining bonus too if you should choose to do so. To me that's a waste of time nd money buying the proper equipment and setting it up. Not to mention the high Electric Bill. A lifetime referral commission bonus for every person you refer. And not to forget the best of all. A mystery bonus that at any given time can equal 100% Picture this! Make a claim on Litoshi average per 5 minutes equals around 250 to 280 per claim.Now lets add up those bonuses. 280 litoshi plus lets say 100 % loyalty bonus. MMMMMMM two referrals equaling 50% 25 per claim that they make. Without a mining bonus add in 50% mystery bonus. That totals up to 840 litoshi in just 5 minutes. it's not hard to see how fast things begin to add up with just one form of bitcoin to claim from. Here's what happens. Advertisers pay faucet claim sites in bitcoin to place their ads there. This gives us the opportunity to claim bits of what they paid. Beware of those who say you can earn one or more bitcoin in a day just by paying them some of your bitcoin already. Tried it already quite a disappointment to find out it was a Scam! Take the easiest route to get Bitcoin for free. Just visit my link below and if you have questions post a comment there and I will get back to you.
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