Curious About The Moon? Check Out Lunar Phase Pro.

Some of us look at space as mankind's destiny. Especially since we are doing our utmost to ruin the planet that we all live on. Someday in the future, it may become necessary to find another world to inhabit. And, remember, that just half a century ago, many thought that a moon landing was impossible. When John F. Kennedy, in 1961 told the nation that we'd be on the moon before the end of the decade, it was met with more than a few rolled eyeballs. Yet, in 1969, two brave men set foot on the lunar surface, fulfilling JFK's prophecy. We walked on the moon! So, if you hold a curiosity about that little orb in our sky, perhaps you might be interested in this awesome program designed to show you every facet and detail about the moon. This in-depth program gives one an overview never before available. As a result, you can become an expert on all things concerning the moon. I am proud to present Mr. Gary Nugent and his amazing Lunar Phase Pro.
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