You Must See This Right Away...

It's in front of your nose, every single moment of every single day... But you pay little or no attention to it because you haven't been made consciously aware of it yet. Just like how you could swear, cross your heart and hope to die, that your dream car is one-in-a-million, until you put it on your vision board and see it EVERYWHERE. Yup, you know better than most, the Law of Attraction has a twin sister called the Law of Attention. So what is this secret you ask? Well, allow me to solve the riddle... Numbers. Yes, numbers. They appear all around you, The phone numbers you dial, the licence plate on the car in front of you, street signs, pin codes, a new calendar year (Happy 2018, btw!)... [Even your name and date of birth.] But what do they mean? Do you seem to always look at the clock at 11:11? Or frequently see repeating digits, like 333 or 444? Or spot the number 7 in seemingly random and unconnected places. No, it's not a coincidence. It's the Universe trying to tell you something. You already know everything is energy. It's the foundational truth behind the Law of Attraction... And all energy carries a specific numerical frequency (that's plain Science)... But, did you know that each number carries a corresponding message? Well, according to my friends at, when you pay close attention to the number clues all around you, you often find the answers you've been seeking, confirmation you're on the right path, or sometimes even a warning of an upcoming danger. So, while the sudden appearance of certain numbers in your life might seem completely random, it is not. These numbers follow a predictable (yet often hidden) pattern... This pattern is determined by the numbers in your unique numerology chart and how they interact with the Universal energies swirling around you everyday. Some days these energies play nice, creating powerful moments of attraction and abundance. Other times these energies rebel against one another, in a grand cosmic battle of push-and-pull, creating confusion, obstacles and setbacks... And essentially putting the Law of Attraction in reverse. Imagine being able to anticipate life-altering encounters, tap into your unlimited abundance frequency, predict upcoming challenges and lucrative opportunities, and easily attract even your BIGGEST 2018 resolutions without any hesitation or uncertainty? Understanding the energy and influence of YOUR unique numbers will give you a Universal superpower unavailable to most... And that's why I'm excited to share this with you today: In case you're wondering, this is NOT one of those generic horoscope-style readings that apply to everyone.

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