Fall In Love With Your Own Skin

MISSION STATEMENT The magnificence of the sphere we live in inspired us.. It is our untiring mission to deliver a little piece of the beauty we experience every day. This is by creating an unequaled artisan product bursting with the vibrancy of nature. We are zealous about promoting good health and a green planet. Our motive is to create the very finest natural body care products. Our products are pleasing to the eye. They are brimming over with completely natural essential nutrients and luscious moisturizing agents from the Soapcreek Company. Floral Bouquet Artisan Soap $11.95 Our Commitment Roxanne and Fred have made it their duty to use only the finest ingredients in our products. We are fastidious about keeping our products free of synthetic fragrances, dyes and other harsh chemicals to ensure a more natural approach to body care. I will assure you that the essential oils, natural clays, minerals, butters, and herbs are used in place of harmful chemicals found in traditional body care products at the Soapcreek Company. Eco-Friendly Our earth is precious to us. We need to make every effort to preserve and replenish the life-giving resources it offers. We are careful to use minimal packaging from renewable sources. You have to try our candy cane soap!! 4B96.com
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