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XCEL Token is a digital general-purpose utility token based on the ERC20 Ethereum protocol. he World is Changing. Blockchain Technologies are disrupting and changing Industries for the better. XcelTrip is the Eco-System for Travel and Hospitality that will bring higher profits to the Vendors, and lower prices to the Consumer. is a online a travel company just like Expedia, Agoda and Priceline where you can book s hotel room and buy airline tickets online across the globe. Xceltrip is the next Expedia company having our own Travel and Hotel Database. Travel may be a fun and exciting vacation or that business trip you have to take but the way we have the most significant savings right here! It is time for decentralized travel with XCELTRIP. We are proud to bring you the first innovator and disruptor in the vast industry of Travel. Using blockchain technologies to eliminate the middle-men and extra costs associated with the travel industry; a new Company is here to change the way we Travel. And to let us do it for less. Because of their vision, XCELTRIP is the foremost expert in Blockchain Travel solutions and is the only solution. XCELTRIP is the Company to watch and be connected to for all your travel needs. We are observing the evolution, the travelution rather. Travel Revolution is here, and the consumers and the Vendors both win big. Here are the 3 Steps of Evolution in the World of Travel. XCELTRIP takes us into the future (and with tremendous benefits to all) in Step 3 of the Evolution. With XCELTRIP we see the final step. We remove layers of agents, layers of administration and give the benefits to the users and suppliers; thus allowing both more profitability and better pricing for our customers. Through the future vision and understanding of Blockchain, XCELTRIP brings us into the future. Eliminating the Broker/Dealers and added fees of what is in Step 2 of the evolution being eliminated. This creates a better travel experience. Just some of the key points of advancement: • All human errors are eliminated by deploying blockchain technologies. • Accurate and precise information about all Travel Resources, availability and so much more. • Eliminating several layers of admin, staff, obsolete database. With AI trends and travel needs are better anticipated and efficiencies at all levels of operation are not increased and costs reduced. Thank you Blockchain. • Resulting in huge savings in the costs for both the Vendor (property, location, airlines, car rentals, etc.) and the Consumer. • This provides efficiencies making the entire Travel experience more affordable and more profitable for the vendors. An amazing win-win situation. One in which everyone wins and technology provides endless solutions to the Travel Industry. All this only through XcelTrip. Xceltrip is not just a full-service Online Travel platform but a “Decentralized Travel Eco-system”:

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