The Maxwell Depositions: Nimitac

Atlanta Police Detective Raphael Alfredo Garcia, an openly Gay Cop from Puerto Rico, has made a deal with the devil, at least in his mind William T. Maxwell was that, in the mist of police corruption and a drug war between two Cartel’s, the fate of 13 children are held in the balance. With no one he can trust, he places his career and his life in the hands of a man of mystery… …However, the boxes behind me pertain to this deposition and the individual responsible for all of this! They pertain to the events of October 31, to the death of a State Judge, his bodyguard, two of his Security Officers, and one of his guests. The kidnapping of twelve children, the death of one child, the arrest of five Police Officers…on charges ranging from…racketeering, possession with intent to distribute controlled substances, drugs, corruption, child prostitution to possession and distribution of child pornography and the confiscation of over a million dollars of cold hard cash and William T. Maxwell’s connection to it all. Now, allow me to give you a narrative, a chronicle if you will, or just a story, about a man. A story about a man named William T. Maxwell… Can the detectives, one with a badge, and one without, save the children from a fate worse than death!

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