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Traditional Farmhouse In Tuili Sardinia

House Sanna a real historical jewel in a traditional village In Tuili, a small village in central-southern Sardinia, we offer a large, perfectly preserved period farmhouse. Mister Sanna was a country landowner who dealt with cultivation of wheat and olive trees. His large house, the oldest part of which dates back to the early 1800s, has always been the property of the family that over time has kept it in order, enhancing it as a museum and partly using it as a bed and breakfast. This typical large Campidanese house measures about 900 sqm, including the outbuildings, and has an external surface of about 500 sqm. The property consists of: a period building with original walls and floors, which has been kept in perfect order and houses some original rooms, such as the tailoring room, the stone mill room, the barn, the attic rooms and the kitchen, and a part, restored in the 50s, which was used as a small hotel. You also find three courtyards, two of which are to be cleared of vegetation, and a stone paved farmyard at the entrance. From the structural point of view few interventions are necessary: first of all a perimeter wall, on which a slab partly rests, has to be consolidated, then a part of the roof of an outbuilding has to redone, two asbestos roofs have to be removed, and a few more small interventions have to be done. House Sanna is really a historic jewel and a mine of museum objects with a value that can hardly be estimated; among these: stone vases (laccus), a farmer's cart, the stone mill, the wooden press, original period equipment, period furniture in Sardinian style, and much more. The property is for sale with all its contents, except for some personal objects. Given that it housed an accommodation business, the property has habitability certificate and plants in accordance with the law. The property has two entrances and a low cadastral income. Energy Class G, IPE> 175 kWh/m2 per year - data awaiting certification. Price: euro320000. - -------- Tuili info A small village in the region of Marmilla in central-southern Sardinia, Tuili lies at the foot of the Giara plateau and is known for its archaeological remains, its historical buildings and a unique park: “Sardegna in Miniatura”. Tuili, a village of a thousand inhabitants, lies in a beautiful natural setting, in the middle of the Marmilla area. On the plateau woods of cork trees and holm oaks, Mediterranean scrub, centuries-old olive trees, meadows and marshes alternate. From this village the excursions leave to the Parco della Giara, which partly is within its territory, including the greater marsh (pauli majori) and Zepparedda mount. In addition to the famous Giara horses and birds of prey such as the goshawk, peregrine falcon and buzzard, the park is home to wild animals such as hares, weasels, martens and foxes. The marshes (paulis), on the other hand, have generated peculiar ecological niches that are the habitat of invertebrate species dating back to 200 million years ago. In the surrounding countryside there are archaeological sites, the finds of which are preserved in the National Archaeological Museum in Cagliari; in Santa Elisa there is a workshop to work obsidian, in the Nuridda area you find Phoenician-Punic remains and in Santa Elisabetta a Roman settlement. The Sardegna in Miniatura Park offers a curious and interesting walk in the Island and in its history, among nuraghi and dinosaurs. In the old centre, stately homes and farmhouses at court (Campidanese Houses) alternate, that are almost all characterized by portals from the late nineteenth century. Two elegant neoclassical buildings stand out: villa Pitzalis and villa Asquer, which houses the olive and oil museum, with period pictures and work tools, and the museum of Sardinian musical instruments, which devotes special attention to launeddas . The village rises around the parish church of San Pietro apostolo, built in Gothic-Catalan style and consecrated in 1489. The church contains interesting marble furnishings, while in the first chapel on the right there is the imposing retable of the master of Castelsardo (or of san Pietro), dating back to 1500, which is considered the masterpiece of Sardinian Renaissance painting. In the church there is also an organ dating 1753. The small church on the Giara in the Santa Luisa area and the church of Sant'Antonio Abate, built in the outskirt at the end of the 16th century in Spanish colonial style, are also worth visiting.

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Price: 320000
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Date Posted: 11/21/2020 5:11:40 PM
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