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Seaweed Products For Food, Pet Food Supplements, Sugar, Fine Chemicals.

Seaweed products for food, pet food supplements, production of sugar, fine chemicals and bio-diesel. It are veritable miniature biochemical factories, and more photosynthetically efficient than terrestrial plants and are efficient CO2 fixers. The ability of algae to fix CO2 has been proposed as a method of removing CO2 from flue gases from power plants, and thus can be used to reduce emission of GHG. Many micro algae are exceedingly rich in oil, which can be converted to bio-diesel. The use of macro algae or seaweed has potential, due to their easy adaptability to growth conditions, the possibility of growing either in fresh- or marine waters and avoiding the use of land. Furthermore, two thirds of earth’s surface is covered with water, thus algae would truly be renewable option of great potential for global feed and energy needs.

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Date Posted: 7/31/2021 12:45:40 PM
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